Not to worry, may be following are the reasons, please once check all the options.

You are not logged in

Please check that you are logged in in Basket or not. While trying to save a link in Basket you will be prompt to log in. Please log in and save your links in basket.

a) Try to log in in Basket in a separate tab and then try again.

b) If you are using an Incognito Window or Private Browsing in your browser, or if you regularly clear your browser cookies, it's important to remember to log back into Basket before you can start saving your favorites. Click below to check that you're logged into Basket: 

Sign into Basket

Your internet connection is not there

May be due to some reasons your internet connect is giving trouble so Basket is not able to save the link. You will able to see a  message from basket "Not able to save in Basket. Please check your connection"

If the problem still persists

Re-install the Basket Extension

Easiest way to make Basket working again is to simply re-install the extension. Find out how:​​

Google Chrome

    1. Right-click on the Basket button in the toolbar, and select "Manage" or Click Chrome menu>Settings>Extensions.
    2. Click on the Trash can icon next to Basket and remove it.
    3. Install again by visiting this link: Basket Chrome Extension