Welcome to this starting guide for your Basket for Android.

Install Basket on your Android device

In your phone launch Google Play and then search for 'basketapp'. Click on the icon to view and install Basket on your phone or click here to download.

Sign up for Basket

If you do not have a Basket account you need to create one. Open the app and then tap 'Sign Up' . 

You can Signup using your Google credentials by tapping 'Signup with Google' or you can choose to create an account with your email.

Signing into Basket for Android

If you signed up using your Google account use 'Sign in with Google' or provide your email and password and tap Sign in to enter in to your Basket.

Tour in Basket for Android

Main screen

You will always find your saved items in the home screen of the app as recent first. Tap on any item in the list to open it and long press to delete or edit the item.


View by category

You can slide from left to view your categories. Tapping on a category name will show you the items saved against that category. You can tap on the '+' button to add a category of your choice. 

While adding an item in your Basket if you doesn't provide any category, you will find them under 'Uncategorized' category.

Search your saved items


From the main listing screen tap on the 'Search' icon at bottom right corner and search screen will appear. You can search there with item or website name or filter according to 'Articles','Videos','Documents','Embed Links'.