When you find something interesting and want to check them back later it is very easy to add in your Basket.

From Browser and Apps:

Look for the Share button against the item you want to save, normally can be found in menu or toolbar. 

Add to Basket from Share

When you tap Share, you will see a list of share options, and you will find “Add to Basket” option, usually at the top of the list, you just need to tap “Add to Basket” to save the item.

Organize after adding:

After adding an item you can add the just added item in existing or a new category and also can assign a color label depending on your purpose. If you don't want to organize at that point simply press 'back' or 'cancel' or touch outside the pop-up.

From Basket Dashboard:

If you’re trying to save a link and cannot find the share option, You can copy the link to your Clipboard, then open Basket to add it to your List. Tap on the '+' icon in top.

If the link is copied in your clipboard it will be automatically there in the Add Link box. Tap 'OK' to add it in your Basket.