Adding the Current opened page link or URL:

You can right click on any section of the page and click on 'Put in Basket' to save the current link in your Basket.


You can click on the Basket toolbar button at top right corner of Chrome and click on the (+) icon


if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl + D (for windows) / Command + D (for Mac)

Adding a link inside of the opened page or Article:

You just need to right click on the link you want to save and click ' Put in Basket'. The specific link will be saved in your Basket.

Adding any other link:

To add any link other than the opened one, click on Basket toolbar button at top right corner of Chrome the click 'Add another link' at bottom.

Paste the URL you want to add in the box and click 'Add'. The given URL will be added in your Basket.

In the same area you can see list of other opened tabs and can also add any of them in a click

Adding from Social:


From websites like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Vine you can add any link by clicking the Basket icon appear in the posts. To know more about adding from social see here.