Check if you are signed in


If you regularly clear your cookies or due to some reason it may happen that your Basket Chrome extension may not able to perform the desired action. It is best to once log in in your Basket account in that case prior to do any action. Most of the cases it will sort the issue.

Check your third-party cookies settings and make an exception for Basket

Many browsers have an option to "Block third-party cookies" as a security measure. When enabled, this prevents the Basket extension from saving pages properly, and will show a "Couldn't update. Please try again" or "Couldn't update. Please try again" message. 

Please see below to learn how to check if you are blocking third-party cookies, and how to add Basket as an exception to the rule:

In Google Chrome

  1. Go to Tools > Settings or Preferences > Show advanced settings...
  2. Click the Content Settings... button
  3. Under Cookies, check to see if "Block third party cookies and site data" is checked. 
  4. If it is, click the Manage Exceptions button
  5. Type as a Hostname pattern
  6. Click Done, then return to the page you want to save, and try again.

If still problem persists let us know.