Find accounts on the device 

This permission lets Basket provide the option to log in or sign up with Google. If you does not wish to log in or sign up to Basket with Google, you can use the email address and password method instead.

This permission does not give Basket the ability to post anything to your Google+ profile, see any information about your connections or view anything you or your connections have posted.

Read your contacts

When in Basket you want to share an item with your friends, we will suggest names or email addresses as you type them. When you tap send, we will deliver the shared item to the recipient’s email inbox. 

Sole purpose of this permission is to make the share an item method faster and easier for you, rest assured  your contacts’ information will never leave the device or be stored on Basket's servers.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Basket requires this permission to save offline contents  in your phone, in Internal storage or in cases in SD card.

Prevent device from sleeping

When you are in middle of reading an article and may be for some reason is busy elsewhere for a little time, Basket keep the device awake, so that you can easily catch up. In other sections apart from Article read area Basket let the device sleep.